About Me…

My name is Keith. I’m a 40-something man exploring life with my terrific wife Jeanine, our wonderful, new daughter Pixel, and our lovable pets Tornado, Cricket, Luna and Mouser. Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, I’ve lived and travelled throughout the United States and currently reside  in New London, Connecticut.  I’m passionate about my family, friends, food, flowers, fotos and ferrets and I hope you will join me as I do my best to write about them, here. I am a  spiritual person with a deep and passionate belief in God. I’m not here to argue, judge, or convince anyone of anything; but please be prepared to read my occasional musings about life, the universe, and everything from a Christian perspective.  You’ve been warned!

2 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. It was nice meeting such a friendly, freethinking family at the park today! I will plan on the library on Thursday! See you soon, Jenny & Lilah

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