Today, I am Parisian. Today, I am French.

Eiffel Tower

I’m not a fan of French culture. I’m always quick to mock and make fun of the French and my friends and family are always prepared to roll their eyes should anything French come across my radar– they know a monologue about how ridiculous they are is -certain- to follow. I freely admit one of the most likely reasons I’ll go to hell is for how horribly prejudiced I am towards the French.

So when I say that today, I am Parisian; today, I am French– you can bet I am as serious as I can be. The attacks on Paris and the French people yesterday was an attack on me and my city. It was an attack on all humanity. I know what it is like to be bullied. My community knows what it is like to have innocents slaughtered without warning, simply because they were vulnerable, so people without empathy or ethics could intimidate them and their leaders.

On the most severe, recent occasion France and the rest of the world gave us their support and solidarity. On 9/12 the word was American. On 11/14 the world must be French. Because we cannot accept this kind of brutality; not in the name of religion, race, class, nationalism, greed, or power. Stand with France. Give to them whatever you can. Prayers. Money. Materials. Time. Skills. Tell France and the world, today, we are all Parisians, we are all French.

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