Hello World

Hello world!

Why am I here? Well, the short answer is that people kept asking me “do you write a blog” or suggesting that I should . At least now I can say “yes” and be done with the subject!  But seriously, I’ve been looking for a better outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Facebook just isn’t enough anymore- I need a more substantial venue.  There’s no special reason other than that. I’m just another soul looking for a better voice.

Tornado stairs

So why Weasel Words? The obvious reason is that I love animals, especially mammals, especially predators, and especially ferrets and all their weasely cousins (I own three wonderful weasels, Tornado, Cricket and Luna).  But, the other reason is more ironic.  The Miriam-Webster online dictionary defines a weasel word as:

“…a word used in order to evade or retreat from a direct or forthright statement or position”

My friends, family and acquaintances would all agree that calling me as blunt as a sledgehammer is a marvelous understatement! I’m direct and opinionated and it gets me into trouble sometimes. Um, it gets me into trouble a LOT!  I can’t imagine being any other way though. Life is short and I want people to know where I stand- I don’t have time for weasel words (and I don’t think anyone else does either). I’ll accept the consequences for that.  If you’re here I hope you can appreciate some of my thoughts, feelings and opinions enough to endure any flaws in my expression. I can come off arrogant at times– I’m working on it. Please be patient with me.

What will I blog about? My passions, I suppose. I’m a new father, and naturally I’ll blog pictures of my brilliant daughter Pixel, my thoughts on parenting her, and how it feels to be a first-time daddy.  I love cooking food and I love eating food so be prepared for pictures, recipes and whatever food-musings tumble out of me. It should be clear by now that I love my ferrets and I will blog pictures and stories about them as well as care tips for anyone who keeps ferrets (or think they might like to). By the way I love all animals and I also have an 18 year-old cat, Mouser– so don’t be surprised if I blog about any pet or animal-related thing. Finally, my parents are both brilliant teachers who raised me to think critically and creatively about EVERYTHING so in my free-thought category I will blog about my politics, philosophy, religion and really just anything that’s been on my mind.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find the time well-spent!

6 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Word.
    #shamelessplug (howdoyouwords.tumblr.com is my blog and i promised to give you a URL). Welcome to the blogosphere, buck.

  2. Glad to see you finally got a more structured outlet for those thoughts and funny posts on Facebook. Looking forward to reading your blog. Make sure and put up those funny conversation that you and jeanine always have. Love those


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